Hvordan jeg begynte med Kurilean Bobtail

I saw this very special cat one day, on Facebook. It was for sale by a breeder in Denmark... it had a very peculiar look... and when I discovered it had no tail, I had to learn more!

It was in mid summer of 2014 that I saw this ad for a kitten for sale in a pedigree page on Facebook. It was the sweetest thing. It had a look that appealed to me... and when I saw that tail... or lack of, I got intrigued.
I went to a cat show nearby to visit with people having the same breed... I was sold. A few weeks later in September I drove down to Denmark to pick up Knerten (DK KorZhik's Black Parrot).

Where the story begins!

Knerten proved to be all what a Kurilean Bobtail seemed to be. Sweet, loving, moved right in. Adjusted quickly to the house cats who was also living here. 

About a year later, Lillemor (DK KorZhik's Angelica Delamain) came for a visit, and she stayed. Also a lovely cat ????


Both Knerten and Lillemor were both neutered but we went to catshows, where both did pretty well. 

Both had within a couple of years achieved the title Supreme Premier. The highest title for neuter. 

In meanwhile, the first fertile cat moved in, Lillebror. 

Last year in September Georgine also joined the household... And about a year after she moved in, the first litter was born. In collaboration with NO*RGJ Cats and Breeder Galina Furholt. 

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