In collaboration with the cattery (NO) RGJ Cat's and breeder Galina Furholt I had my first litter born here at home. This was a planned activity, of course, and a small trial for me to see if having kittens was something for me. 

On Tuesday morning on the 8th of September 2020 our female Skazka from Amber House (Georgine) gave birth to 5 healthy kittens: 2 males and 3 females.

This was my first litter ever, and in collaboration with (NO) RGJ Cat's and breeder Galina Furholt. So these kittens are registered under the catteryname RGJ Cat's.

Galina is co-owner of Georgine, and breeder of my male Lillebror ((NO) RGJ Cat's Izumitelnyj Krasavez).

The kittens are as follows - RGJ Cat's Osen litter (Oo-litter):

  • Osenijja Skaza - ns 09 22 - a little rascal with a temper - but sweetheart 99% of the time. Skazka will stay here in my new cattery. Skazka has a sweet color and pattern. Tail is promising.
  • Osenijj Bluz - ns 22 - the sweetest kitten! Fluffy as a teddy. A bit shy on the outside, but great cuddler. Will stay with RGJ Cat's cattery. The silver is really great on him, so is his pattern. Tail to die for.
  • Osenijj Jazz - ns 22 - biggest cuddler of them all. Social. Climbs on any lap. Not shy at all and can climb "any mountain". Jazz has a bit tiny tail, but in development. Dark silver, and pattern is showing slowely but surely. Jazz is up for evaluation by potential future buyers.
  • Osenijja Krasa - n 24 - born with a long thik tail! Looked silver at first, but developing a nice black/brown tabby. Krasa is not yet too found of wet-food, but loves her dry food. She is a sweetheart who likes to cuddle. Tail is very promising. Did I mention she was born as a rocket? She litterarily bounced in her birthing crate. Krasa is still available to the right home. Show and breeding.
  • Osenijja Zvezdochka - n 24 - last but not least! A cat with large personality. She has the best pattern I have ever seen on a kitten at this age! Dochka is available for the right home. Show and breeding.