We have been so lucky to "test" having a litter in collaboration with RGJ Cat's and Galina Furholt.

The little test was done with a co-shared female called Georgine, and my male Lillebror, which comes from Galina as breeder: On 8th of September a litter of 5 was born. This is the OO litter in cattery of RGJ Cat's.

Allthough I have to admit - there are a lot of worries, a lot of work, but extremely inspiring to see the little ones grow up. And not to forget to mention how the mother takes great care of her newborn, being a new mama herself! Dad could not really care too much... but he thinks its awesome with all the additional food being around!

So, what are our plans?

At this moment the kittens have just turned 7 weeks. In a week time they are off to the veterinary to get their healthcheck, chip and 1st vaccination. 

At age of 12 weeks they are allowed to leave.... One will go to RGJ Cat's. One will stay. One is maybe reserved. Two still needs a new home. When that is said, we have not yet started announcing them for salge. Its just simply too early for that.

So, considering we have this litter, there is no concrete new plans of a new litter. Maybe sometime late 2021 :-)


Look at these darlings! There is more to come :-)

So stay tuned!